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  • Trade Deadline 22.07. 23:59Uhr!

    Die Deadline naht und die Frage ist, ob dieses Jahr kurz vor Toreschluß noch etwas passiert.

    Laut Gerüchteticker sind ligaweit einige Spieler auf dem Block.

    +++ :tor: Toronto is looking for a huge roster reconstruction. Both stars are available. Especially Kyle Lowry is on the block but his marked looks to be small. For Butler a big package of futue assets is necessary to lure him away. :tor: +++

    +++ :chi: Chicago officialy made the actual most lucrative draft pick (#1 via UTA) available. K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune reported that the Bulls are looking for a star type player in combination to trade down. In this scenario also Avery Bradley, Goran Dragic, Kelly Oubre and others are available to get something done. :chi: +++

    +++ :sac: The Kings are looking to get rid of Terry Rozier. Unconfirmed voices from the inside of the organisation have told that Rozier is frustrated with his role behind Kemba Walker and that he is not willing to commit long term. Sacramento is looking for future assets and would prefer a 1st round pick. :sac: +++

    +++ :mem: Newly aquired PG Dennis Smith JR doesn't look to fit in the long term plans of the Grizzlies. There are rumors that the Grizzlies promised him a huge role but that he is afraid that he will never be the franchise superstar until Boban "Process 2.0" Marjanovic is in town. It looks like that Memphis would be willing to part ways if somebody offers a top 5 pick. :mem: +++

    +++ :bkn: Brooklyn looks to be distressed with the development of Andrew Wiggins and would love to get rid of his $34.5Mio contract over the next three years. But no details are available if the Nets are looking to swap him for another max player or if they are also willing to trade down. But a voice of the inner circle told that their own two lottery picks will not be included in any deals. :bkn: +++

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