Blazers @ Pacers (135:134)

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    • Blazers @ Pacers (135:134)

      If there is something like a Basketball- war, then we have just seen it in

      Bankers Life Fieldhouse , Indianapolis.

      As the Pacers meet the Blazers the 2nd time in this Season.

      I need to say that it is pretty tough to tell you folks something about this unbelievable intense Game, cause every single second was needed to stay focused on not missing a single pass or attemp to score.

      From the 1st to the 4th Quarter, the Lead was shifting from Side to Side. On the Portland Team it was clearly the starting 5 wich gave evrything up to the last drop of blood to keep theirs Team in this Game.
      For the Pacers on the other hand they just had a dream like performance of theirs bench and all over nine Players in double digits.

      Like imagined there was no real Space under the Board of Kristaps Porzingis and so Wave after Wave of inside attackers simply crushed themselfes on this defensive stopper and impressive Presents.
      Last but not least it was the 3 Poin performance of CJ McCollum and Tobias Harris which kept them somewhow in the Game up to the middle of the 4th Quarter.

      And then it was HIM, again ! ... John Wall smashed his way to the Basket, again and again he was getting his And-One thing going and it most responsable for this close enough Win tonight.

      I also want to use my Chance to give Credit to Rocking Hawk, the GM and Coach of the Indiana Pacers, who was and obviously is improving his Teams performance each time we are meeting up.(allways a big fun to play you ! no matter who is winning, its allways a Game to remember)

      Thanks for reading, your tired and burned out,
      Portland Trailblazers Recapper
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