Pacers @ Blazers (124:134)

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    • Pacers @ Blazers (124:134)

      A whole night of War in the Moda Center, as the Indiana Pacers crashed into the Portland Trailblazers!. :aufsmaul:

      After meeting up in the preseason with a clear outcome for the Blazers, this was the very first meeting of this Clubs, in this regular season.

      After tipoff, the Blazers catched the stronger start, thanks to CJ who added a nice and long 3 pointer and a couple of layups to the scoreboard.
      But allready at this state of the game, it was Kristaps P. who allways found an answer while batteling under the Boards.
      It needed one more efficent scorer from outside (T. Harris) to make clear, that there is the will and the strength, to get things going in the first period of the Game for the Portland Trailblazers.

      The 2nd Quarter felt like the nail in the coffin, after Tobias Harris reached his 18th point and Whiteside grabbed his 12th rebound, the Blazers went in the Break with more than 14 points ahaed.

      But this was far from over !.

      The 3th Quarter came out as a Revange of the Pacers. Kristaps lead his Team to a amazing and beautiful scoring run, in witch Indiana where able to catch up to the Blazers.

      So at the End of the 3th period the game was close to even.
      Inside- Scoring wasn´t a possibility for Portland in the 3th and it should continue like this in the 4th, thanks to the more than solid Defense of Indiana.
      Again it was Kristaps who was the measure of all Things underneath the Baskets and gave a really hard time to Portland. :klatsch:

      Once more it was the Captain of Portland (John Wall), who rescued his Team in the final playing time.
      He evolved from 19 to 32 points and lead his Team to a win, wich was more than just heavily earned.

      The Pacers have been a real challenge .. they picked theirs shots precisely and have been working beautiful in theirs systems.

      All in all, this was a night of finest NBA basketball and not just ONE visitor got even a single pence to regret.

      Tanks and a good night,

      your Blazers Recapper

      PS: Thanks Hawk for a really, REALLY cool and amazing Game !.

      PPS: Kann auch nicht alle Anhänge hoch laden, (POR McConell 0 min. 0-0-0-0) (IND Spellman 0 min 0-0-0-0)
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