Kings@Pacers 132-115

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    • Kings@Pacers 132-115

      In a preponed game of matchday 2, the Kings visited the Pacers in Indiana.

      In the first two quarters, the game looked more like an all-star game or a scrimmage than a real NBA game. The lead changed frequently and there was absolutely no defense to speak of on either side. A bit better efficiency on Kings side was equalized by taking and making more threes by the Pacers.

      In the third quarter, somehow the lead blow up without me even realizing it or understanding why. The Pacers just started missing some shots, giving me even more to play with on the offensive side of the ball. Then, Hawk played looser than before for not too long, but it was enough to build a comfortable lead, which could be managed in Q4, even though the Pacers nearly inched in to 10 points a few minutes before the end.

      For the Pacers, all starters in double figures, the Kings with double doubles from Kemba, KAT and Millsap.

      Gg RockingHawk, thanks again for the fair game!

      p.s.: i can only upload 10 files, spellman is missing for the pacers with 3/2/1 1-1 -5

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