Pacers@Timberwolves 133-128 (OT)

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    • Pacers@Timberwolves 133-128 (OT)

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      The Pacers were in Minnesota today,where they managed to grab a victory in a glorious battle against the Timberwolves.For the first half,the Timberwolves were in control,as the Pacers starters were subpar in the start of the match.Gradually,the Pacers bounced back and even got an 8 point lead in the 4th quarter.However the Wolves managed to tie the game with a shot from Lillard.Porzingis also missed a shot to win the game,leading to OT.There,it seemed the Pacers had the control οn both sides of the floor.After a bad 2nd half,Curry made a big 3 to give the Pacers the lead that never diminished.Porzingis had an out of this world 41 PT performance,while Russell,Vucevic,Mirotic and Gallo also had good games,and so did Lance and Curry albeit with bad shooting percentages.For the Wolves most of their points came out of their big 3,with Love going crazy in the 4th quarter,finishing with 39 and 13,Lillard with 30 and 15,and DMC with 23 and 17,while also getting some meaningful help from Holmes.