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    • @ 120- 110

      The kings may destroy the rockets!!

      Thanks for everything Hawk, the conversations have been super nice and I am sure that you will come back much stronger next year, as you already have improved by a lot during a week!

      I lead early by a lot due to nice defence (first time i was happy this series)!

      Lead blew open, jazz tried to come back but it was impossible to come closer than 10 point deficit...

      • 20180420210940_1.jpg

        280,3 kB, 2.048×1.152, 10 mal angesehen
      • 20180420210947_1.jpg

        274,8 kB, 2.048×1.152, 11 mal angesehen
    • Game 2: @ 106-125

      The second game started way different from the first, in that the Kings were able to blow open a huge lead in the first quarter led by a near perfect performance from KAT and ~20 first quarter points.

      However, the Jazz came closer again and did not let the game get out of hand up until the 3rd quarter again, when there were too many three pointers falling from too many different Kings players, even Walker hit 3/3 this game.

      The Jazz decreased the lead in the 4th, but never were able to get within punching distance.

      Looking forward to our first game in Salt Lake City on friday!

    • Game 1: @ 98-128

      The first game was very even in the first half, with both teams scoring more or less at will and few to no defensive resistance. It was around an 8 pt advantage for the Kings at halftime.

      In the third quarter, the lead steadily increased, especially when porzingis was not on the field I was able to get a few stops and thus easier buckets. I have to admit anyhow that I also was very lucky in terms of deflections and rebounds in crucial moments of this game/quarter, which almost all went my way.

      In the forth quarter, the game was basically already decided, and I was able to avoid a comeback.

      gg hawk!